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Space Marmalade was born as a 2-week ‘proof-of-concept’ created as part of AdvXJam 2021 and launched right here on itch.io!

You play as Jeff,  who in the year 2042 Jeff signed up for a ten-year mission to clean up the solar system.  

The job was presented as some kind of superhero role, but in reality he is a salvage technician, he is actually tidying up the solar system one piece of space junk at a time.

Journey with Jeff, 6 years into his mission aboard  the Class LS recycling ship scouring the outer fringes of the solar system. 

Whether it's the mundane repetitiveness of his daily tasks or the sear isolation, Jeff is struggling to find motivation until a chance encounter with a ship from another time leads to an opportunity to change his life forever.


  • Click ground to walk, and objects/characters to interact.

Made in 2 weeks for AdvXJam 2021

Created with Visionaire Studio, Adobe Animate, Audacity


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Thanks for developing Space Marmalade! Even though we didn't come near to finishing it on stream, we had a lot of fun with it! 🥰 I wrote short recaps of all the games for our blog, let me add this here

Space Marmalade certainly features a surreal storyline: Jeff, a technician on a salvage space ship, works on his first video game, which he wants to submit to AdvXJam 2042 – and his acceptance speech for the best game is already coming along nicely.

While we were not near to finishing this game after our 15 minutes with it, we got to see some witty dialogues and well-thought-out gameplay, namely doing Jeff’s work and collecting space salvage. We also had a lot of fun voicing this and were happy that Robo-Jens had his time to shine!

I hope Jeff will get the chance to rescue his game and submit it to the jam. That and he should be haunted for stealing things from... ahem. :) 

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Thank you for playing my game. I really liked hearing you do AI voice. You are correct in that the game idea was a lot bigger, but due to time constraints, it is missing dialogues, sound effects, music and voices. It was my first Game and gamejam and I learnt a hell of a lot